Core Team Exposure – Grand Rapids Trip

On Friday, July 24, ISM had the opportunity to bring a group of 16 core kids to Grand Rapids for a college visit and culture venue tour. We spent the morning at Frederik Meijer Gardens which is one of the top “30 must-see museums” and has quickly become one of the most significant sculpture experiences in the midwest. Having a limited amount of time, we would love to go back as a group to see more of the gardens and parks; and to utilize the performance stage we found – our group of dancers had loads of fun performing on a whim for other people touring.


Visiting Calvin College was another highlight of our trip. Since this was the first time most of the students have been exposed to the idea of college, the tour was truly transformative. We could not have a better fit for our meeting with an admissions counselor; the kids were able to connect with him on multiple levels which peaked their interest even more. Everyone’s favorite part of the campus tour was the dance studio and program. Immediately upon walking into the dance room, every student ran up to the mirrors to see themselves perform. We were able to put on some music and practice as if they were in a dance class – our kids are so talented and charismatic they were able to get the tour leaders to join in!

The day was filled with on-the-spot performances which lasted the whole way back to Benton Harbor. Our kids sure know how to have fun and use their talents in any situation. We are looking forward to another opportunity for a college visit – although at least four of our students have already exclaimed that they are going to attend Calvin in the future. We are thankful for the impact such a simple trip can make!

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